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Spa Gelpatch
42 ℃ is a thermogenic diet patch which burns calories if you just apply it on your body
What is Thermogenic Diet Patch? Thermogenic diet expedites basal metabolic rate and fat oxidation by eating natural ingredients, such as pepper, green tea, caffeine, xanthigen, etc to increase thermogenesis in the body. The Thermogenic diet patch induces thermogenesis on the abdomen by just applying it on the body without having to eat such components. Thermogenic diet patch is based on the thermogenesis effect of capsaicin Eating Koreans’ beloved spicy pepper, such as Kimchi, Buldak, Ddekbokki, etc produces heat and takes stress away. And it also increases the metabolic rate. That’s why there’s such thing called “Pepper Diet”.
Hot spicy food burns your tongue. Your forehead and scalp start to sweat, and you get a burning feeling in your stomach, sometimes it even leads to a sore stomach. I only wish my stomach could be warm and my stomach fat could burn up…
The principle of this product is different from other patch products that only boat of their active ingredients.
No matter how good the active ingredients are, it’s next to impossible for them to reach the corneum, the epidermis, the corium and then finally the subcutaneous fat to burn it up.
Thermogenic Diet Spa Gelpatch 42℃ which you can apply on the body without having to eat
The principle of Thermogenic Diet Patch
Sympathetic nerves Recognition of Capsaicin A sensory receptor called TRPV1 which spreads on the skin recognizes capsaicin and conveys it to sympathetic nerves.
Skin Digestion
Thermogenesis / Fat oxidation Energy expenditure Fatty tissue
The reaction to capsaicin induces thermogenesis. When the beta-receptor of fatty tissues in sympathetic nerves is stimulated, UCP1 in the internal system is activated and it burns fat, creating heat.
SCI thesis reference: 『Cell』, November 2013, Volume 24, Issue 11, p554–560
The heat given off by capsaicin is not an illusion but an actual thermogenesis effect.
Subcutaneous fat
It reduces body fat and improves our health, increasing basal metabolic rate. At the same time; Why is Spa Gelpatch 42℃ so good?
1. If you apply the Spa Gelpatch on your abdomen, 2. it burns up abdomen fat, 3. creating thermogenesis. 4. which will increase basal metabolic rate, 5. and warm abdomen is good for the health.
Effective Diet
Increased basal metabolic rate Result of thermogenic diet Decreased abdomen fat through fat oxidation Fat is the energy source for an increased metabolic rate. Improved elasticity of saggy abdomen Improved elasticity of stomach skin thanks to decreased body fat percentage
Abdomen Thermotherapy
Just like mother’s warm hands, it gives warmth to the lower stomach. It helps colon activity. It gives comfort to the lower stomach before/after period. It improves skin radiance It gives radiance to the skin, by improving blood circulation.
Thermogenesis is the result of an increased metabolic rate, and it’s a process that allows our body to become smarter.
It’s annoying to lose fat from the face and chest while the main stomach fat problem still remains. I only want to be rid of stomach fat!
Smarter body which has increased basal metabolic rate
Basal metabolic rate decreases from birth We must increase our activity metabolism but we can’t neglect our basal metabolic rate which keeps decreasing as we get older.
Especially basal metabolic rate of women is low compared to men; women tend to gain more fat faster.
Keep the lower abdomen warm, and have an active day
It’s essential for women. Warm lower abdomen lets you have a good sleep as well as it greatly relieves constipation and period cramps.
Have a pleasant daily life and comfortable night with Spa Gelpatch that stays heated for more than eight hours.
Smart beyond slim with Spa Gelpatch
42 ℃
Decreased Basal metabolic rate graph
Adult (female)
Capsaicin increases basal metabolic rate and fat oxidation.
SCI thesis reference: Bioscience, Biotechnology,Biochemistry71(2),380-389,2007
SCI thesis reference: PLOS ONE July 2013 | Volume 8 | Issue 7 | e67786,
Human testing showed increased basal metabolic rate after taking capsaicin.
Basal metabolic rate which can be measured with body fat analyzer is actually REE (Resting Energy Expenditure). In the experimental group, both REE and SMR increased.
Human testing showed increased fat oxidation after taking capsaicin.
Adipolysis occurs through fat oxidation during the metabolic process. There was an increased fat oxidation in the experimental group. Therefore, capsaicin intake increased adipolysis compared to comparison group.
Capsaicin applied on the body can burn fat without having to eat it.
SCI thesis reference: Obesity | VOLUME 21 | NUMBER 1 | JANUARY 2013
Animal testing showed capsaicin reduces fat when it’s topically applied on the body.
When capsaicin was applied on the lower stomach of animals, their whole weight as well as weight of their visceral adipose tissues decreased. .
As human clinical trials shows, improved elasticity of saggy abdomen improved skin radiance effect
Change in skin elasticity
Improved elasticity of saggy abdomen After three weeks of use, elasticity improvement of the saggy abdomen increased by 2.65%
Statistically significant results (p<0.001)   Human testing on Spa Gelpatch 42℃’s effects on saggy abdomen improvement Korea Institute for Skin and Clinical Sciences 2016.1~2.
Change in skin radiance
Skin radiance improvement Skin radiance improved by 13.38% after three weeks of use.
Statistically significant results (p<0.001) Human testing on Spa Gelpatch 42℃’s effects on saggy abdomen improvement Korea Institute for Skin and Clinical Sciences 2016.1~2.
When the patch is applied, elasticity of saggy abdomen improves.
When the patch is applied, skin radiance improves.
Before use 3wks after use Right after use
Before use 3wks after use
Change in skin radiance
Change in skin elasticity
Spa Gelpatch 42℃ is equipped with lasting effect and  topical application effect of capsaicin.
Capsaicin is a fat-soluble substance. Emulsion formulation, which is combined with cream gel, hydrogel, purified water, etc is not efficient to convey capsaicin as capsaicin doesn’t melt well in it. Oil products don’t easily dry up and efficient to convey capsaicin, but they are that sustainable as oil can come off.
Excellent capsaicin conveyance ability As Spa Gelpatch 42℃’s formulation is fatsoluble TPE gel, containing high-quality mineral oil, it’s excellent for conveying and storing capsaicin. And even small mild doses can maximize the capsaicin effect.
TPE gel that responds to skin temperature
TPE gel can convey capsaicin to the skin fast as it maintains its form in room temperature and capsaicin reacts to skin temperature, facilitating molecular motion.
Thermogenesis remains in effect for over eight continual hours
As TPE gel is a cohesive high molecular substance, capsaicin remains continuously inside of it.
Thermogenic Diet Effect + Abdomen Intensive Care + Continual care for over eight hours
Another advantage of Spa Gelpatch 42℃: Improved skin absorption conditions
Improved skin absorption conditions
Increased skin temperature due to thermogenesis Heating /moisturizing effect of TPE gel
Four features of Spa Gelpatch 42℃
Thermogenic Diet - you can just apply the patch without having to eat anything Thermogenic Diet - you can focus exclusively on losing fat around specific body parts without having to eat several times a day
A healthy diet with thermotherapy It also enhances health through the thermogenic effect by increasing basal metabolic rate, expediting fat oxidation
A convenient diet without restriction of time, space, activities A thin transfer-free patch which applies well and comes off easily. It can be applied for over eight hours without being noticed No additional preparations or goods are needed other than just applying the patch
A diet patch, made of safe materials for the body Materials harmless to human, used for medical gel, band, cosmetics, etc, are taken as TPE materials. Materials harmless to human, used for food plastic wrap, sanitary pad, medical patches, etc are taken as adhesion materials
Capsaicin Caffeine Cordycepin (Cordyceps extract) Soil Mineral
Major Ingredients
The same effect as spa, hot gel massage, wrapping, far-infrared radiation care from luxurious aesthetic shops A product that is made of TPE gel and can have the effects of both gel and wrapping at the same time A patch that can be used anytime, anywhere, without any restrictions 42℃ which is the symbol of pleasant warmth and the perfect thermal water to take bath in
Spa Gelpatch


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diet spa gelpatch