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Indusrial mask,disposable mask

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We make a innovation of the mask.
Best Efficiency
Outstanding Function
Competitive Price

Easy to breath
Outstanding Function and Convenience
Beautiful Mask


For the Goal…
We have challenged the perfection of the mask.
All new and improved.
You can pick a perfect mask for your workplace.
You can feel the innovation. 


Development of the new fitness on face
Performance improvement, No fuzzy, Deodorization, Weight lightening. •Apply the “Two Step”process that can protect a filter, low resistance of in and exhalation, increase the life time and high efficiency. •No deformation of mask form / Better wearing comfort and airtightness. •Changing the material, no fuzzy, no smell. A light and good elasticity mask.
■ Application : All
These are the new technology applied to “Clean Top”mask.
Exhalation Valve
Improvement of the breath resistance, Easy to open and close, Light weight. •One-body type valve, No break, Light weight and clear view. •Exhalation plate / Silicon catapulting →Standardization , Exquisiteness, Excellent tension. •Clear valve / Easy to check the valve working •Ultrasonic welding / No leakage •Different color according to the use
■ Application : C270V, C280V, C370V, C380V, C390V, C395V, C450V, C460V, C560V, C580V
Head Band Clip & Hook
Easy to adjust the length of band •No pressure of the back of ear by wide space of fixing point •Easy to wear on a helmet •Available to wear on your neck using a band hook
■ Application : C260, C280V, C360, C380V, C395V, C460V, C560V, C580V
Colorful Head Band
Different color for different use, Excellent elasticity, Soft, No allergy. •Use the best quality band. •No allergy
■ Application : •Green : Dust, Mist        •Blue : Dust, Mist, Smell •Yellow : Dust, Mist, Fume   •Red : Toxic Dust, Mist, Fume, Smell
Closed-cell Sponge, Nose Clip
Enhance the airtightness around nose and antifogging. •A closed-cell sponge prevent to fog on the safety glass, excellent antifogging. •A aluminum nose clip make a wave fit a nose, enhance the airtightness.
■ Application : All
Face Contact Seal
Soft touch, Sweat adsorption, Excellent airtightness •Attaching a face contact Seal, enhance the airtightness around a nose, adsorbing sweat perfectly block the toxic substance.
■ Application : C260, C280V, C360, C380V, C395V, C460V, C560V, C580V
High Efficient HEFA Filter, Super Electrostatic Filter, High Efficient Active Carbon Fabric
Realize the best performance •Using a various material according to the use, realize the best performance
■ Application : Different according to the model
Beautiful Mask
Mask belongs to the fashion also. •Beautiful mask with fashionable items(exhalation vale, head band and printing) which everybody want to get.
■ Application : Different color for each use
•Green : Dust, Mist        •Blue : Dust, Mist, Smell •Yellow : Dust, Mist, Fume   •Red : Toxic Dust,, Mist, Fume, Smell
Nose Clip
Head Band
Head Band Clip
Exhalation Valve
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Indusrial mask_disposable mask

Indusrial mask_disposable mask